🚀 Getting Started

1. 🕹️ Build your own game.

Click here to build your own game and see what you’d be able to create with coding

2. ❓Questions

Fill in this two-question form → click here

3. 👩‍💻 Let’s code!


3**.1** Go to this link → https://replit.com/

<aside> 🔒 3**.2:** Login with these details

Username: plug1

Password: Plug1234.

Note the capital P and fullstop in the password


3.3 Now get your code link below.

Avatar Name URL
Dennis Clawhammer Goodensmith Emmaunelle https://replit.com/join/rzljyozgue-sharedstrive#sketch.py
Cinnabuns Porkins Paige https://replit.com/join/uvteiljghj-sharedstrive
Butterbean Goodpasture Aiden https://replit.com/join/btehfvzwaa-sharedstrive#sketch.py
Sweet Tea Johnson https://replit.com/join/arzivxiicb-sharedstrive#sketch.py
Rock Candy Fewhairs Sophia https://replit.com/join/zrbxrmmkog-sharedstrive#sketch.py
Chewy Olivetti https://replit.com/join/ujpuoyfhzh-sharedstrive#sketch.py